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Common Places To Look For Bed Bugs


Aside from rats, ants, spiders, and cockroaches, people living in a house always hate it when there are bed bugs. These bed bugs will bite the skin living rashes and bite marks which are often itchy and painful. In such cases, people will either change their beds, check out bedroom guardian review or try to eliminate the bed bugs.


Although these are called as bed bugs, it does not mean that these bugs are only present at beds. These bugs will proliferate all over the house. This makes killing the bed bugs permanently difficult as most people would only concentrate on the bed and not on other places. If you want to remove or limit the population of bed bugs in the house, here are the common places where you should look for bed bugs.


1. Bed - Just like its name, bed bugs mostly prefer to live in the bed. The main reason is that people in the house will spend most of their time sleeping on the bed which could take up to 8 hours. This allows the bed bugs to get the nourishment from the human body without too much resistance as the people are simply sleeping.


2. Furniture - Though some furniture are not ideal for bed bugs to live in, there are still several places in a furniture which bed bugs can thrive. These are the corners, opening spaces and the bottom part which dirt can accumulate making the area habitable for bed bugs.


3. Wall cracks - Wall cracks also provide a good environment for bed bugs. They can live inside the wall free from human intervention making it a safe place for them. Dust and other dirt particles also accumulate within the wall cracks.


4. Carpet - Carpet is just like the bed for bed bugs. It provides cover for them while stores up dirt and food particles which can support bed bugs. The only difference is that people will rarely stay in the same carpet area for a long period of time. They would walk around the house thus limiting the contact between the feet and the carpet.


5. Sofa - Sofa is also a great place for bed bugs. Most sofa have the same materials as the beds which are suitable for bed bugs. The sofa is also one of the places which people stay for long periods of time like watching television or hanging out with the family. This means that the bed bugs can contact the human skin for a significant amount of time.


If you want to kill the bugs, make sure to consider these places first before trying to look for bed bugs on other places and also view website.


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